Occupational Restricted License (ORL)

If you are convicted of a non-alcohol crime that suspends or revokes your driver's license, such as Reckless Driving, you may be able to get an Occupational Restricted License. This license is good for the duration of the suspension or revocation. However, if you are convicted of an alcohol related crime an Ignition Interlock License (IIL) is likely to be your only option.

Situations in Which You Can Use an ORL

  1. Work, apprenticeship, or on-the-job training; School;
  2. Court-ordered community service;
  3. Substance abuse treatment or 12-Step Meetings.
  4. If no transit service is available;
  5. Continuing your own healthcare, driving to a healthcare provider;
  6. Providing continuing care of someone dependent on you.

ORL Restrictions

Your ORL will restrict:

  1. The times of day you may drive;
  2. The days of the week you may drive;
  3. The geographical area where you may drive; and
  4. The vehicles you may drive.

You may be eligible for an ORL if you ever had a valid driver license in any state.

Who is Not Eligible for an ORL

The criteria of eligibility is best set forth in terms who is not eligible:

  1. If your driver license is suspended for alcohol-related DUI/Physical Control;
  2. Minor in Possession;
  3. Vehicular Assault or Vehicular Homicide;
  4. Intermediate (Teen) License Violations;
  5. Too many Rules of the Road Violations while you have an Intermediate License;
  6. Failure to pay child support;
  7. Fraud;
  8. Medical/vision reasons;
  9. Violation of court-ordered probation;
  10. Habitual traffic offender status;
  11. Failure to qualify on a medical/visual examination;
  12. Failure to qualify on a driver skills examination,
  13. Failure to undergo required alcohol/chemical dependency treatment;
  14. Violation of ORL restrictions;
  15. Or cancelled SR-22 insurance.

While you cannot get an ORL to drive a commercial motor vehicle you may still apply and obtain an ORL to operate a non-commercial motor vehicle.

Cancellation Reasons for an ORL

Once you have obtained an ORL it will be cancelled if the DoL receives notice that:

  1. You are convicted of operating a vehicle in violation of the ORL restrictions;
  2. You commit an offense during the ORL period that requires the DoL to suspend/revoke your driving privilege;
  3. You no longer meet the criteria or have the driving need stated on your ORL application; or
  4. You cancel your SR-22 insurance.