Lynden DUI Defense

The city limits of this predominantly agricultural community extend into the surrounding rural communities, so Lynden police officers patrol the rural roads as well as the short stretches of state routes. Lynden officers patrol their territory diligently, always on the lookout for possible DUI drivers. Once stopped, the Lynden police are well trained to investigate drivers for indicators of DUI. Due to the fact that their breath test machine is located in the Lynden Police Station, they are trained to gather evidence against you in the field.

Lynden Municipal Court

Located in the heart of downtown Lynden is the Lynden Municipal Court. Lynden police officers are aggressive in their pursuit and prosecution of those arrested for DUI, and officers will often sit through court proceedings and actively consult with the prosecutor during a case. Even though the court is located in council chambers, the prosecuting attorney and judge take DUI charges very seriously and will impose harsh, mandatory DUI penalties for the convicted.

Jonathan regularly defends Lynden DUI charges and has practiced in Lynden Municipal Court for many years. If you were recently arrested for a Lynden DUI, contact Jonathan immediately to schedule a free consultation with Jonathan to plan your DUI defense.