Ferndale DUI Defense

Ferndale police officers who patrol the rural roads, as well as the short stretches of the interstate, are always aware of cues that may lead them to suspect a driver of DUI. The small police force is aggressive in their pursuit and prosecution of those they arrest for DUI and are well-trained in various DUI investigations tactics and a breath testing instrument is located at the city police department.

Ferndale Municipal Court

Found in the heart of Ferndale, which is located west of Interstate-5 between the cities of Bellingham and Blaine, is Ferndale Municipal Court. Despite a seemingly informal setting in council chambers, the prosecuting attorney and judge take DUI charges very seriously and will impose harsh, mandatory DUI penalties for those convicted of DUI.

Having regularly practiced in Ferndale Municipal for many years, Jonathan possesses the insight necessary to help negotiate the pitfalls associated with a Ferndale DUI prosecution.

If you were recently arrested for a Ferndale DUI, contact Jonathan immediately to schedule a free consultation to plan your DUI defense.