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Whatcom County DUI Defense

Whatcom County is located in the northwestern corner of Washington State. All charges initiated by the State of Washington through the Washington State Patrol (WSP), Whatcom County Sheriff, or Western Washington University Police are filed into the District Court.

Whatcom County District Court

The Whatcom County District Court consists of two judges (elected for four years), one appointed commissioner, and professional and paraprofessional staff. The Whatcom County Prosecutor's Office assigns four prosecutors to the district courts. The prosecutor for your case is determined by the date of your arrest and the judge assigned to your case.

Jonathan has worked with the various Whatcom County prosecutors and judges in district court for years, so he is very familiar with their procedures. The Washington State Patrol, Whatcom County Sheriff, and WWU Police patrol the state roads and campus for potential DUI suspects. In fact, the WSP and Whatcom County deputy sheriffs have specially trained officers to conduct examinations for those arrested for suspicion of DUI-Drugs. They are called Drug Recognition Evaluators (DRE), but prefer to label themselves as Drug Recognition Experts. Regardless of their specialized training, these officers are always on the lookout for driving that may create suspicion of DUI.

All officers are specially trained to administer roadside sobriety tests, as well as the forensic breath alcohol test with the DataMaster Breathalyzer. As a local DUI attorney, Jonathan is very familiar with Whatcom County officers; it is often to your benefit to work with an attorney who knows the particular-and sometimes peculiar habits-of each and every local law enforcement officer.

If you are a Whatcom County resident who works in Canada, a DUI conviction will prevent you from entering Canada. As a Canadian citizen with a unique understanding and skill set to help you navigate the justice system and the Department of Licensing, Jonathan can help you reenter Canada for work.

If you have been arrested for DUI by State Patrol, Whatcom County Sheriff, or Western Washington University Police, call Jonathan immediately to schedule a free consultation to plan your DUI defense.

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“Jonathan, thank you for bringing the best possible outcome today in my case. It was a humbling and very sobering experience and I am mindful everyday of my personal responsibility and actions and those around me. My career has taken off and I’m glad to have this chapter behind me and will move onward past probation!”
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