Mount Vernon DUI Defense

The Mount Vernon Police Department consists of 45 commissioned police officers and provides service to a population of 29,000 over an area of 11.3 square miles. In a relative small geographical area, Mount Vernon police officers are always on patrol for individuals who may be driving under the influence within the city.

Mount Vernon Municipal Court

Mount Vernon police officers are well-trained to detect and arrest suspected of driving drunk. You should never believe that a field sobriety test, statement of guilt, or even breath test results will establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt for a DUI.

The prosecution of Mount Vernon DUI arrests is by contract, and the judicial duties are shared by two judges and two commissioners. A lawyer focused exclusively on DUI defense, and familiar with the prosecutor and the manner in which the judges approach legal issues, can successfully challenge the evidence of the prosecution, which can result in a beneficial legal settlement or increase your chances at trial to avoid DUI consequences.

If you have been arrested and are facing a Mount Vernon DUI charge, contact Jonathan now to schedule a free consultation for your aggressive DUI defense.