Anacortes DUI Defense

Anacortes is homeport to the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest, and it is the destination point for the San Juan Islands and International ferry runs for Washington State. Why does this matter for a person with a potential Anacortes DUI conviction? Regardless of how you attempt to enter the country - by land, air, or sea; a DUI conviction will prohibit your entry into Canada for 10 years.

Anacortes Municipal Court

The major highway road, both to and from Anacortes, is State Route 20 and it is heavily patrolled by the WSP and Skagit County deputies; at the city limits, the Anacortes Police takeover as lookout for DUIs. This police force is among the most vigilant when patrolling and processing persons arrested for Anacortes DUI. Anacortes DUI cases are filed into the Anacortes Municipal Court.

Jonathan has been defending Anacortes DUIs for years and is very familiar with the prosecutor, judges, and the unique court schedule of the city. Recently, there has been a change in prosecutors and with that comes change to the policies regarding how to prosecute DUIs. Knowledge of not only this change, but the prosecutor now handling the caseload is very important to a successful resolution of your DUI case.

If you have been arrested for an Anacortes DUI, you need experienced, aggressive, and knowledge representation. Contact Jonathan for a free consultation to plan your Anacortes DUI defense.