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Skagit County DUI Defense

Skagit County District Court

As in any county, the state police agencies of Washington State Patrol and Skagit County Sheriffs all file into Skagit County District Court. As a result it bears the lion's share of all misdemeanor charges, including a Skagit County DUI.

The Skagit County District Court is presided over by two judges and two court commissioners; these individuals also preside in four other municipal courts within the county.

Jonathan began his career as a public defender in Skagit County. In this courtroom, Jonathan tirelessly and passionately defended the rights the indigent citizens charged with DUI. He also learned the unique habits and investigatory techniques of Washington State law enforcement officers. In this court, Jonathan successfully argued that Washington's seat belt law was unconstitutional, which began a challenge that made its way up to the Washington State Supreme Court.

With a continued focus on DUI defense, Jonathan regularly practices in all courts of Skagit County; there are only a few attorneys as familiar with these courts as Jonathan. Local experience, expertise, and vast DUI knowledge is often the difference between a good result and a great result for your case.

Outlying Areas

Historically there were other Municipal Courts in Skagit County serving small outlying communities such as Concrete, Hamilton, Lyman, and LaConner. These courts no longer exist and have not for some years. However, each community still maintains a breath testing instrument in the old police locations and the Skagit County District Probation Department travels to Concrete WA to meet citizens on probations or strict DUI conditions of release.

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