Friday Harbor DUI Defense

If you are facing a Friday Harbor DUI you must have the most knowledgeable and aggressive DUI attorney on your side who is focused exclusively on DUI defense. Regardless of which Island in San Juan County you were arrested on for a DUI, or any other criminal offense, you will need to travel to Friday Harbor for every court appearance.

Friday Harbor District Court

There is only one courtroom in Friday Harbor, one Judge (Stewart Andrews), and one assigned prosecutor for District Court in the entire San Juan County. Due to the unique nature of the County being made up of a collection of islands, there is no Municipal Court, nor is there a City police force. Instead the County Sheriff is responsible for enforcing the traffic laws among the islands.

Jonathan Rands defends San Juan citizens charged with DUI and other alcohol related crimes on a regular basis and is extremely knowledgeable with the local rules, regulations, and policies of the Court and prosecutor. These are important when defending a DUI case. If you were arrested for a DUI on any San Juan Island contact Jonathan Rands for a free consultation.