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San Juan County DUI Defense

Due to is small size and remote location, the San Juan Sheriff's Department is responsible for patrolling the roads within the city as well as the outlying areas. As a result of this unique mandate the officers undergo extensive training to increase their chances of apprehending those thought to be DUI in San Juan County.

San Juan County District Court

There is one elected Judge for the County who presides over all DUI cases. He and his court staff are well equipped to hold telephonic hearings for attorneys who are not "Islanders" and the technology to maintain an excellent court record is second to none as is the court room technology to aid in court room motions and trials. Despite the small size of the prosecuting attorney's office the local stance on DUI is one that makes the most seasoned DUI attorney shiver. As a result successful outcomes client's results are hard fought and well earned battles and courtrooms challenges.

While few DUI attorneys are truly local, Jonathan appears in San Juan District on a monthly basis, has successfully tried cases before the presiding Judge and prevailed on motions that created a successful outcome for his clients.

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“I hired Jonathan for a DUI case and I have never seen someone fight so hard for me! My court case was taken all the way to trial and I was found not guilty. I could not be happier! Jonathan is an amazing human and attorney!”
A DUI Client, via AVVO