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Your DUI Defense

You are an individual and your case is unique even though the charge is not. Each law enforcement officer is also an individual, and as a result your stop, arrest, and breath testing procedure is unique to you and your case. While it is true that Washington State law enforcement officers under go the same standardized training, they go about things as an individual. This means that every officer has a particular way of processing a DUI case and knowing each officer's methods is an important part of preparing your defense.

Jonathan Rands, DUI Attorney In CourtWe Know the Key Players

While it is not possible to know each and every officer in each and every city and county, my limited and focused practice allows me to know the majority of officers who frequently patrol and make DUI arrests in Whatcom, Skagit, Island, and San Juan Counties. When necesary, I work closely with a specially trained private investigator who is very familiar with each officer as a result of having done numerous interviews with them in other cases. As a result I am very familair with each officer, and their unique mode of DUI investigation.

This familiarity allows me to know what to expect in your case based upon the officer involved from the moment you sit down and show me your documents. The strategy and issues present in your case begin before you ever go to court.


Each Case is Treated Uniquely

Your defense should not neglect your personal and unique needs throughout the process, and I rely heavily on my staff to make sure these needs are not ignored. As a result my staff is an important part of the teamwork that will help your case resolve in the most successful manner. Not only is my staff critical, but your ability to speak with and consult with me when necessary is important to me and that is why you will be provided with my personal cell phone number, email, and even the ability to text me. This will ensure that when you need answers the most, I will be available and, if not, able to return your call the same day.

When it comes to YOUR defense we have thought of everything you need to know, and provide you with a comprehensive list of important deadlines, and even provide you with the necessary forms. If you have been arrested or charged with DUI in northwest Washington, call Jonathan now and see just how comprehensive and experienced YOUR defense will be.

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“Jonathan, thank you for bringing the best possible outcome today in my case. It was a humbling and very sobering experience and I am mindful everyday of my personal responsibility and actions and those around me. My career has taken off and I’m glad to have this chapter behind me and will move onward past probation!”
A DUI Client