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On The Docket Jonathan Rands, Whatcom County DUI Lawyer, Talks About Ignition Interlock Devices (IID)

As described in the title Ignition Interlocks are discussed as well as 9-1-2011 changes to the law that requires IIDs, and Jonathan Rands, also, takes a few moments to answer to a question. Since Jonathan Rands is active in contributing to every legislative session when the changes to old laws are proposed and new laws are born, his experience in this arena is part of why Jonathan is so knowledgeable and always well-aware of any and all Washington DUI legal changes. Knowing when these changes occur and how they impact a persons life is imperative when it comes to defending and navigating the consequences of a Washington DUI arrest no matter what county your arrest occurs in.

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“Jonathan, thank you for bringing the best possible outcome today in my case. It was a humbling and very sobering experience and I am mindful everyday of my personal responsibility and actions and those around me. My career has taken off and I’m glad to have this chapter behind me and will move onward past probation!”
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