DUI & DWIClients’ ChoiceAward 2012-2019

New Legislation That Seeks To Impose Child Support Upon Those Convicted Of Vehicular Homicide By DUI Is The Topic Of Discussion Between DUI Attorney, Jonathan Rands And Dillon Honcoop On This Edition Of The Legal Docket

At the time of this show the news was reporting that a new DUI legislative bill was afoot and becoming popular. The Bill included other new DUI laws, but the notion of awarding child and/or alimony support for the family of victim killed by way of a DUI was the main subject of discussion. The Bill is being sponsored, or supported by Senator Goodman who has traditionally been the promoter and spokesperson and advocate for many of the most recent changes. While I neither advocate for, nor against this Bill at this time, nor on this show i do hope to inspire some rational and logical thinking of this Bill's long term ramifications. A "good idea" may be just that, an idea, as the practical applications are fraught with undesired and unintended consequences.

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“Jonathan, thank you for bringing the best possible outcome today in my case. It was a humbling and very sobering experience and I am mindful everyday of my personal responsibility and actions and those around me. My career has taken off and I’m glad to have this chapter behind me and will move onward past probation!”
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