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From 2010 to 2017 DUI attorney Jonathan Rands joined Host Dillon Honcoop (and formerly Tracy Ellis) on The Legal Docket where they discussed the nuances of DUI law and how it affects you as a citizen of Washington State.

Field Sobriety Tests, Holiday DUI Tips, Immigration Reform: What This Means For You On The Road

An all too common sobriety test involves a police officer asking you to follow an object with your eyes from left to right and back again. This test is meant to indicate if you are under the influence of something and what officers do with this evidence is under fire after the proceedings of a recent case. This week Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands evaluates the test and the recent court case, provides tips on how to avoid a DUI during the holiday season, and what the new DREAM Act means for driver licenses of those that it effects.

How Does Whatcom County’s Newest Breathalyzer Technology Affect DUIs and DUI Defense?

Whatcom county is among the first in the state to adopt the latest in breath testing technology. Only 3 other states in the US are utilizing it in cases when a suspect is brought to the police station to have their breath tested. Training is underway for Whatcom County law enforcement who are now starting to use it in the field. With its automated testing and display the question arises, how will this affect DUI cases in Whatcom County? This week, Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discusses his training and experience with the new breath testing machine and gives his perspective on the pros and cons of it for DUI defense.

Whatcom County Among First to Adopt New Breathalyzer Machine

If you are ever brought into the police station in Whatcom county and are asked to give a breath test then you may come into contact with the newest breathalyzer machine. While only 13 law enforcement officials in Whatcom County are trained for the machine, it provides more accurate measurements and could mean the difference if you are ever brought in on suspicion of driving under the influence. This week, Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands talks about the mechanics of the new technology and what it could mean for you.

What Is Happening In Olympia That Affects Driving Under The Influence In WA State

With the recent legalization of marijuana in the state of Washington, many maybe wondering how this affects their rights on the road. There is a proposed law in the wake of the legalization that will apply the same rule of open container that alcohol is seen under, to the use of marijuana. This week Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discusses what this new proposed law would do to anyone who uses marijuana in their vehicle.  

The Rumors Were True: New Breath Testing Technology Is Coming To Whatcom County

What does the newest piece of breath testing technology mean for DUI cases and DUI defense in Whatcom County? This week Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands explains how the new machine works and how it measures up against the current breath machine that it used Whatcom County wide.

How Do They Know If You Are Under the Influence?

How do the tests that law enforcement administers on those that they believe are under the influence of alcohol work and figure out that you are above the .08 limit? This week Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands explains the science behind how some of the most common DUI tests and machines work and how you can use that can use that to your advantage.

What Happens When you Get Accused of a DUI in a Less Than Normal Scenario?

While most are familiar with DUIs on the highway and in town, you can still be pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence in national parks, reservations, and on or near military bases. This week Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands explain what each scenario will entail and gives his professional experience on how he has dealt with these types of DUI cases that are not very typical.

Bellingham Receives a Grant that will Set Quotas for Police Officers

Bellingham was given a grant by the state to support “Target Zero”, a program that is aimed at reducing fatalities, serious injury crashes, and all late hour crashes in Whatcom county. In the context of DUI it means 24 less vehicular homicides and 120 less vehicular assaults. How this program accomplishes these goals is by placing a quota on police officers; arrest 1 DUI suspect for every 4 hours per each officer while they are on active duty. Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands debates on this weeks podcast, do these quotas push law enforcement to the edge of what is legal?

Does Everyone Have to Abide by the Law? Even Those that are Supposed to Enforce it?

In the news recently, a video was released by KOMO 4 news that shows WA state police officers in their vehicles speeding towards a conference in Wenatchee WA. They were traveling at over 80 mph, 20 mph above the speed limit. However, despite other police officers noticing and acknowledging that they were speeding, the speeding police cars were not pulled over. This video has caused outrage from the public who are frustrated with police officers being able to break the laws that they are supposed to enforce. This week Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discusses the video and provide some context.

Could You Handle a DUI Better Than Michael Phelps?

In recent news Michael Phelps was pulled over in Baltimore and charged with his second DUI. This week Jonathan explains under what circumstances a police officer can pull you over and potentially charge you with a DUI. He also gives some advice on how to not get a DUI and what to do if you are pulled over. His number one tip? Don’t drink and drive.

Defendants Right to Counsel in Jeopardy Due to Washington Appeals Court

This week Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands goes over a case that puts into question if a person that has been arrested has the right to speak with their counsel in privacy. In a recent case a person in Fife was arrested for a DUI then while in custody and before the breath test, called their counsel only to have the state trooper stay in the room during the phone call. This puts into question, do all suspects really get a right to legal counsel and privacy?

Tragic Alabama Street Accident - There May Be More To It Than Just Alcohol

In the wake of a tragic accident that killed Terry Lee Brady, 62, as he made his way across the four-lane Alabama street on his walker, Dillon Honcoop asks the sensitive question: was there more cause to the case beyond the quesiton of how much alcohol the driver had consumed? Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discusses additional factors in the case of his client, Kory Wayde Scroggins.

Did This Officer See Enough Halfway Through a Roadside Test?

When exactly has an officer 'seen enough' to make a DUI arrest? The jury is hung on case in Bellingham DUI attorney Johnathan Rands' latest case, which he discusses in detail with Dillon Honcoop. Listen to the story of how one man becomes the 'most impaired person' the officer had ever seen when the defendant merely excercised his right not to participate in roadside tests.

Supreme Court Rules Police Cannot Search Your Cell Phone Without a Warrant

The US Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of personal privacy, stating that police must first obtain a warrant before searching your cell phone. DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands and Dillon Honcoop discuss what affect this may have on everything from DUI cases to the NSA's monitoring of personal activity. 

The Sensationalism and Criminalization of Drinking and Driving

We all know that there are public and personal safety connotations when we think of driving under the influence. But is the worst case scenario, in which someone is tragically hurt or even killed, sensationalized to the point that the perceived risk is greater than the reality? Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discusses how while he certainly does not think it should be legalized, drinking and driving is becoming too restricted and criminalized. 

Implied Consent to Breath Test May Be Unconstitutional

Dillon Honcoop interviews DUI attorney Jonathan Rands, who is involved in a pivotal case in Skajit County, challenging the constitutionality of issuing breath tests without a warrant. Presently, anyone who uses the roads and drives a motor vehicle is considered to have given "implied consent" to such tests. However, Rands says rights must be given up with full knowledge. Find out how this groundbreaking decision will affect DUI cases statewide.

Saying No Thank You to a Sobriety Test - Still Good Advice?

The advice of Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands has always been to simply say "no thank you" when asked to participate in a field sobriety test. But in light of a brand new decision which affects Whatcom County and surrounding areas, some things are changing concerning whether a sobriety test is a justifiable search of your person. Find out what articulable suspicion is and whether or not the advice has changed.

Summertime DUI Enforcement: How to Drive Safe During the Holidays

Summer is here again, and with it comes some things to keep in mind as we kick back and relax during the upcoming seasonal events. Aside from complete abstinence from consumption, how can we avoid being pulled over on suspicion of intoxication in the first place during a time when enforcement is taken up a notch? Jonathan Rands and Dillon Honcoop have some simple tips and considerations.

Education Marijuana Ad Campaigns. Are They Worth It?

Since the legalization of marijuana in Washington State, there has not been much in the way of public education about it, in contrast to Colorado state, who legalized marijuana the same year and did about a one million dollar educational campaign: "Drive High, Get a DUI." The question posed in this episode of the Legal Docket is do we need to? And if we do, are there converse affects that might mislead people who are staying within the 5ng limit? DUI attorney Jonathan Rands and Dillon Honcoop discuss Colorado's approach versus Washington State's.

Check out Colorado's tongue-in-cheek ad campaigns.

The Business Considerations Behind Law Enforcement: It's Not as Cut and Dry as You Might Think

Sometimes you have to face the reality that there are business considerations when it comes to law and justice and how it works. The number of DUI arrests each year ebbs and flows. Are there really that many more or less or is something else factoring in? DUI attorney Jonathan Rands, and KGMI's Dillion Honcoop discuss the factors that influence the business decision behind law enforcement.

The Science Behind How Labs Identify and Test for Drugs and How that Can Help Your Drug Prosecution Case

After a trip to Chicago to take a week long class, resulting in a Lawyer Scientist certificate, on identifying solid drugs in terms of making sure they are indeed what they are assumed to be, DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands and Dillon Honcoop discuss the science that goes on behind drug and alcohol detection. Knowing the detailed process of how labs figure out what drug is what, and how things might go wrong during those analyses, helps Jonathan Rands better defend against drug prosection.

The Conditions of Release After You've Been Booked in to Jail for a DUI

While being booked in to jail for a suspected DUI does not mean you're automatically guilty, the court can still put conditions of release on you while you await your trial and verdict. However, are these conditions in conflict with your constitutional rights? Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discusses.

What Effect Does DUI Have on Your Job?

In this docket, DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discusses the controversial topic of waivers for people who drive for a living. Should they be granted to people who have a DUI conviction allowing them to drive work vehicles without an ignition interlock device or is it a loop hole?

Legislation is Once Again Changing: Could Four DUI Arrests in 10 Years Could Mean Felony DUI?

Legislators are busy down in Olympia again, which means DUI laws may be changing. Bellingham DUI Attorney Jonathan Rands gives Dillion Honcoop a rundown and the likelihood of possible changes to DUI law to come including:

  1. Changing the 4th DUI arrest within ten years to a Felony DUI instead of the 5th;
  2. When you get a DUI, there is a seven year look-back period that can dictate the mandatory penalties from both the court and the DoL if you have a prior within that time frame. They are now proposing that look-back period go from seven years to fifteen years, as well as harsher sentencing.
  3. Also included are proposed changes for the DoL to suspend or revoke licenses for much longer than they have historically done before.

A New Manual for Field Sobriety Tests

During a traffic stop, anything beyond providing your license, registration, and proof of insurance is voluntary, and needs to be prefaced as such. It's voluntary because it's a search of sorts — a search by way of field sobriety test of breath test. DUI Attorney, Jonathan Rands, and KGMI's Dillion Honcoop discuss the details of field sobriety test — the history and research behind them, how they were developed, the new guidelines in place, and what to expect if you opt to participate.

What is a Motion and How Does it Apply in Court?

Motions can be brought forward by either party and are used to move or ask the court to do something. Traditionally, they are used to remove, suppress, or get rid of evidence. For example, a pre-trial motion brought by the defense might be for a hearing to determine whether or not you were properly mirandized and if what you said while in custody of the police could be used against you or not. DUI Attorney, Jonathan Rands and Dilion Honcoop discuss the somewhat endless motions that could be brought by either the defense or the prosecution based on the facts of the case.

What Happens in a Vehicular Homicide Case if it's Marijuana vs Alcohol?

Vehicular homicide is very complex, but when you boil it down, it's essentially a DUI with a death component. With the new marijuana law, there is a 5ng limit, which is equivalent to the 0.08 limit for alcohol, meaning there is now a line in the sand where if the blood result come back over the limit now you're in the prong of vehicular homicide for per say under the influence, which is what it would be for the 0.08 limit. Listen to DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discuss Marijuana DUI in relation to recent accidents in Whatcom County on KGMI's Morning Show with Dillion Honcoop.

Saying No to a Breath Test Does Not Equate to Guilt in a Court of Law

When it comes to your constitutional rights, like the 4th and 5th amendments, you have a right to say "no, thank you" and it cannot be used against you in a court of law. Saying "no" to a breath test historically has been interpreted as consciousness of guilt - one is denying a breath test because they are in fact over the limit. The landscape, however, is changing as refusing a breath test is a constitutional right and shouldn't be held against you in a court of law. Listen to DUI attorney Jonathan Rands and KGMI's Dillion Honcoop discuss the cases that are bringing about these changes.

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