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From 2010 to 2017 DUI attorney Jonathan Rands joined Host Dillon Honcoop (and formerly Tracy Ellis) on The Legal Docket where they discussed the nuances of DUI law and how it affects you as a citizen of Washington State.

Washington man charged with vehicular assault and felony hit and run

This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands, discusses the case of John R. Owens, a man facing charges of vehicular assault and felony hit and run in Bellingham, Washington. Owens is responsible for causing and leaving the scene of a car accident, which seriously injured another driver. Owens was released from jail on a $5,000 bond a week after his arrest and the community has been vocal about their animosity toward the situation. 

Drive smart this holiday season

The holiday season is a very busy time of the year. Due to the increase in the amount of public events, social gatherings, and commercial shopping, there is an influx of traffic on the roadways, which requires a greater law enforcement presence. Consequently, the rate of DUI's is higher during this period of time. This week, Jonathan Rands discusses driving smarter during the holidays

Probation: The Facts

This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands, discusses the period of probation following a guilty DUI offense and the mandatory conditions associated with it.

Marijuana and Driving: The rise in traffic accidents

This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands, discusses a newly released state report on traffic deaths. The report concludes that since the legalization of marijuana, the leading cause of traffic deaths is due to drivers under the influence of marijuana.

Driving Under the Influence: A Marijuana Breathalyzer?

This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands, discusses the research that is being conducted by Washington State University on the use of a breathalyzer in order to confirm if a person is driving while under the influence of Marijuana.  Currently, it is stated that the breathalyzer will test for an indication of THC, but it will not test the amount of THC in a persons body.  Due to the fact that the level of THC will not be tested, there is question on how to decipher if a persons ability to drive is impaired. 

DUI Physical Control Law: What you should know

Many people assume that pulling off to the side of the road to rest when you have been drinking is a safe alternative to driving under the influence and also eliminates the chance of being charged with a DUI. Unfortunately, this is not an accurate assumption. This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands, discusses the conditions of the physical control law. 

Misdemeanor vs Gross Misdemeanor vs Felony DUI Charges and Convictions

At times it seems like the punishment for Felony DUI doesn't seem as strict as a DUI conviction, but this is DUI law, so it's very dependent on priors. Dillon Honcoop and DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discuss the ins and outs of the different charges and convictions and how it could play out depending on the combinations of offenses.

Arrested for DUI, But the Blood Test Comes Back Negative. Now What?

A Whatcom County man jumped a curb and killed two teenagers and injured two more. While he admitted to smoking marijuana, his blood screening came back clean without any active THC. The State still maintains he was under the influence. Where does this case go from here? Dillon and DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discuss where the case can go from here to get justice for the young men killed.

DUI Vacations: When You Can Get A DUI Removed From Your Record

DUI law is complicated and ever changing, but there are times you can get your DUI arrest or charge removed from your record. Most of it comes down to when you pay your fines and whether or not you have any other charges pending. Because it is DUI law, there are naturally many caveats. Listen as Dillon Honcoop and DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discuss the ins and outs of expunging your record.

Attorney–client privilege: What are your rights?

This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands discusses the case of a DUI offender who was arrested and labeled "combative" by officers. Due to safety precautions mandated by the officers, this offender was not allowed to speak with his lawyer in complete privacy. Jonathan continues to discuss the differential between constitutional rights and rule based rights implemented by the court system.


Community Care Taking

Police have the responsibility to help citizens in need, this is known as community-care-taking. When a law abiding citizen is approached by an officer for help, there is question as to whether the officer is allowed to use community-care-taking as a motive on suspicion of wrong doing.  This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands discusses the ruling that any help given to a citizen in need is to be solely genuine and "divorced" from any law enforcement purpose.

Will A Second DUI Offense Affect The Outcome Of A Pending Case?

Some people may find themselves in the unfortunate situation of receiving a second DUI offense. In some cases, the second offense is obtained while the first offense is still pending. This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands discusses the conditions associated with each DUI offense and how each case may affect the sentencing outcome of each other. 


The Parallels between DUI Law and the Supreme Court's Decision on Gay Marriage

While on the surface, the Supreme Court's decision on gay marriage has no direct baring on DUI law, this is a decision where the precedent of the analysis and the application of the law has far reaching affects in terms of how other decisions on cases should be made - equal justice under the law. Dillon Honcoop and DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discuss those parallels in more detail.

The Conditions of Release After a DUI

In almost every DUI case where a person has no prior history, they are released on their own recognizance with some limited stipulations like, don't break the law while your case is pending, specifically, don't break the law with respect to the validity of your driver's license. For Whatcom County, they will also order you to abstain from alcohol, have no possession of it, or not go anywhere where the primary business is the sale of alcohol like liquor stores or bars and taverns.

However, if you've been arrested before, the rules are different. Listen in as Dillon Honcoop and DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discuss the different scenarios, depending on which county you're in and whether there are priors on not, and what it means for your pocketbook.

Crossing States Lines with Marijuana in Your System: What Happens?

While it's legal to smoke pot in Washington State, what happens if you cross a state border with it still in your system? Dillon Honcoop and DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discuss the ramifications and what might happen if you get pulled over for a marijuana DUI outside of the State of Washington.

What is the Terry Stop Law?

This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands, discusses the Terry Stop Law. Particularly, a case in which a driver was stopped for a traffic violation and detained while awaiting a canine officer to arrive. The officer did not have articulable suspicion to detain and search the driver, but a drug search was conducted by the canine officer.

Traffic stops: What are your rights?

This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands, discusses the case of Gustavo Vargas who was unlawfully held by border patrol.  In the wake of the Vargas case, Washington state law has ruled that law enforcement does not have the ability to search and seize without probable cause and the authority of law. 



Law Enforcement Phlebotomists - Expanding Job Requirements for Police Officers

This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands, discusses a bill that proposes enabling law enforcement officers to have the ability to draw blood from a person immediately upon suspicion of a DUI. Although officers will be required to become certified technicians by completing thorough Phlebotomy training, the non-sterile environments in which blood could be drawn poses a concern on the validity of blood test results as well as introduces the possibility of malpractice by potentially endangering citizens’ health.

Refusing a breathalyzer: Considered guilty?

This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands discusses refusing a breathalyzer on suspicion of DUI. Currently, if a person under suspicion refuses to take a breathalyzer, the court considers them guilty via consciousness of guilt.  Jonathan continues to discuss the Amic dispute he presented to the supreme court.  



What Are Your Expectations in a DUI Case?

The legal world of DUI cases is full of uncertainties. Many factors go into the rulings on DUI cases and how the accused will be dealt with and what the final outcome of the court proceedings will be. This week Bellingham DUI attorney Johnathan Rand discusses why certain things occur when going through DUI cases and what his role as an attorney means for the case and ruling.

What Happens to You Outside of Court if You Are Accused of a DUI

In most DUI cases, the focus tends to be to its effects on the community, safety, your ability to legally drive, and the pains of going through the subsequent legal proceedings. In a recent case out of Ferndale, Chad Bedlington was fired from his position as Public Works Director for the city of Ferndale due to his DUI arrest in February. This poses the question, what are the ramifications of a DUI on your livelihood? This week Bellingham DUI attorney Johnathan Rand discusses the collateral consequences of a DUI and what you can do about.

Warrants and DUIs: The Facts

There are numerous reasons that a warrant might have your name on it. Whether there is a warrant out for your arrest, to search your home, hair sample, DNA sample, blood sample, etc. Warrants are a common legal tool that can change how you are viewed by the law if you are suspected of driving under the influence. This week Bellingham DUI attorney Johnathan Rand discusses what a warrant is, how it is authorized, and what it might mean for you if you are ever arrested for a DUI.

Driving While Under the Influence of Marijuana: What You Need to Know

You can in fact be pulled over under suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuanaby either being in your car driving and smoking or an officer smells it in your vehicle. A new statistic out of Colorado shows the effects of marijuana legalization on driving under the influence. Colorado state patrol has reportedly linked 12% of their DUIs arrests with marijuana use over the course of 2014. This week Bellingham DUI attorney Johnathan Rand discusses the laws associated with marijuana use while driving in Washington state and what Colorado’s findings might mean for new state legislation.

New Push In Olympia to Make the 4th DUI a Felony

There is a new push in Olympia to make it law, that someone’s 4th DUI will be a felony. Currently someone has to be convicted of a felony 5 times of the course of 10 years. A common misconception is that a DUI is a felony, when instead it is actually a misdemeanor. This week Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands dives into what this could mean for recurring offenders and explains the meaning of terms like felony, gross misdemeanor, and simple misdemeanor.

What New DUI Laws and Changes Affect You

There are three big changes coming to the world of DUI enforcement and defense that may affect you on your next night out. Whether you decide to sleep in your car for the night in order to avoid a DUI, if you are pulled over for going over the fog line on the road, or you take part in the legalization of marijuana in Washington state, then there are now statutes in place that affect you. This week Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands discusses what has been revised and added that dictates what law enforcement can pull you over for and what they can potentially charge you with.

2014 Year In Review: The New DUI Legislation That Affects You

2014 was a big year for DUI law enforcement. There were 7 state cases and 1 Supreme Court case that were DUI related, a majority of which are vital to know prior to a blood or breath test and gaining access to counsel. This week Bellingham DUI attorney Jonathan Rands goes over these cases and discusses a new ruling that distinguishes Oregon and Washington State DUIs.

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