Why Are Lawyers So Expensive? Jonathan's Personal Take

Why Are Lawyers So Expensive? Jonathan's Personal Take

A lawyers job, especially a criminal defense lawyers job is to defend the client at all costs. This means personally and professionally, the line between work hours and personal time is dim. In DUI defense not only does a client face jail time, but they face loss of license, loss of employment, loss of family sometimes, skyrocketing insurance rates, Ignition Interlock fees from 90 days to 10 years!

I can attest to the fact that I lose sleep, my family will tell you I work all hours when needed. Clients have my cell phone, and I am not afraid to answer it evenings, weekends, holidays, and when on vacation.

The cost of an attorney is also a reflection of their expertise, their competency, and their reputation. A combination of all three in excellent standing means that the lawyer can command a higher price than those less knowledgeable, less experienced, and therefore less competent.

Price can also be a reflection of specialization. If we take the occupation of lawyer out for the equation and look at from a doctor’s perspective the analogy makes sense to most. If you need brain surgery, do you see a general practitioner? No. When you go to the brain surgeon, do you expect that s/he gets paid the same wage as the brain surgeon? Of course not. Doctors and lawyers spend years in school, they spend thousands of hours getting the degree and thousands more dedicating their time and energy to becoming better at their craft.

Well, at least I do. I spend countless hours on advanced training to be better educated and knowledgeable than the prosecutor, and his/her expert witnesses. I have spent thousands of hours reading the studies they rely on, researching their fallacies, and finding the counter studies. I have spent 80 hours in class, 10,000 dollars, and 40 more hours and 5,000 more dollars on completing a 120-hour course accredited by the American Chemical Society, to become an expert in the area of forensic drug and alcohol testing with the most advanced technology used. This is an example of the time, the energy and the costs associated with each and every one of my clients DUI defense.

As a result, my fees are different than every other DUI lawyer in Northwest Washington. For a full understanding of how you are investing in your best defense based upon my practice, take a look at this article for further reading.