Whatcom County Vehicular Homicide Case Goes to Deliberation Today

Whatcom County Vehicular Homicide Case Goes to Deliberation Today

After 6 days of witness testimony including the defendants where he claimed to only have had one beer, jurors will now be deliberating the outcome of this Whatcom County vehicular homicide case.

Nearly two years ago on Friday, December 5, 2014, Everson resident Brian Jeffery Smith was heading home from a company Christmas party, followed by dinner with his wife, when he struck an oncoming motorcyclist who later died during surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Claiming he only had one beer that night, he was taken into custody for suspected drunk driving, and now, almost two years later, Smith is standing trial for vehicular homicide — one of the most serious of crimes as a class A felony. 

After six days of witnesses and testimony, both the defense and the prosecution presented their closing arguments today, and it's now up to the jury to decide the outcome.

The range of punishment for vehicular homicide is largely determined by the driver's "prior" history and the circumstances leading up to the death of another person. A mandatory two years is added to each prior offense, if any, when vehicular homicide is committed by a driver who is DUI, punctuating the seriousness of the offense.

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