Have You Received A Cancellation Of Your Restricted License Without Reason?

Have You Received A Cancellation Of Your Restricted License Without Reason?

After applying, being approved, and granted an Ignition Interlock License (IIL) many have received a letter advising them of their Restricted License being cancelled and told they are no longer eligible.

Recently, many people who have applied for and been granted an Ignition Interlock License (IIL) have received a letter advising them of their Restricted License being cancelled as they are NO LONGER ELIGIBLE. When you have done nothing that triggers this kind of letter from the DoL, and you have conditions of release, or probation that require a valid license or suffer jail time, this letter can be very frightening.

Notice of Denial for an ORL from the DoL

This issue happens often enough now I have decided to write this explanation to save having to write it over and over. Getting to the bottom this took some time and 4 emails to DoL to figure out what the heck?! In response they actually used the phone and called me to discuss and took detailed notes in order for me to provide an explanation and assurance to those who received such a letter.   

How it Works

A person applies for an IIL, but the reality is the system sees that they are applying for a Restricted License, generally because an IIL and an Occupational License (ORL) are under the umbrella of "Restricted License" and it is the system that approves the license when you apply. The DoL's system does this by looking at your file and seeing the reason for suspension that you are seeking to drive through (DoL action or Criminal Conviction Arising from DUI Arrest vs a Suspension for Reckless Driving Conviction Unrelated to DUI Arrest). The first of these is awarded an IIL Restricted License because it’s an alcohol related event. Whereas the suspension from the Reckless Driving not reduced from a DUI, but a true Reckless Driving conviction, is issued an  "Occupational" Restricted License. This license allows a person to drive during certain hours only for certain purposes.   

So a person applies for and is approved for the IIL and when doing so is unaware of the fact that the DoL system leaves the application in place for the other type of Restricted License — the ORL. A person is issued the IIL but since application is for both types, the application for the Occupational sits dormant, the time frame for issuance passes and the system sends out the letter. To make matters worse, the letter does not state the ORL application is denied/cancelled, it is the general language referring to THE RESTRICTED license. 

To state this problem a bit differently: When you apply for the IIL, what you don’t know is that the license they award you is based on a few factors: A DoL admin action/suspension gets a IIL, not an Occupational and Reckless Driving Amended From DUI, requires IIL, but if a Reckless Driving is not attached to DUI-then you get an Occupational. 

So with this background, a person applies, they get their IIL and all is well and then one day, about 30 to 45 days after you have been issued their IIL the system decides that it needs to notify the driver that the application for the license they didn’t want, and didn't know they applied for, that license has been cancelled or denied. 

As a result of all this, the letter DOL issues really does not apply to your current IIL, rather it applies to the other kind of license you didn’t even know you applied for.   

The DoL has no fix for this as of now, and as inconvenient as it is, as much time as they waste answering this question, they don’t really want to fix it, takes too much time I am told. In the event you get this letter, my advice is to first and foremost check the status of your license via your DoL Portal / Account and determine your actual status on line. Chances are you will be able to breath a sigh of relief and see that the IIL is still intact.