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You Have Been Arrested for DUI - Now What?

Regardless of whether you have never been arrested before the scenario is frightening, embarrassing, and one that engenders shame. Even if the officer was wrong, the feelings are the same. While these feeling should not be ignored they should not rule your actions for the next 48 hours. These initial hours after a DUI arrest are critical and many decisions that will impact the success of your defense must be made.

For every DUI arrest, the following series of events are the same for everyone:

1. You car is impounded. State law requires your car is impounded for at least 12 hours, and most towing companies charge by the minute. These are the 4 most used companies I have ever seen:

Horton's Towing
Johnson's Towing
ASAP Towing
Towing Ferndale

2. You are booked into jail (for every Whatcom County arrest, or every arrest if you have a prior offense) and will be released within roughly 24 hours.

3. You must submit a request for a hearing with the Department of Licensing (DoL) within seven (7) days;

4. You must appear for an arraignment within 48 hours or the next available business day if you were given a citation for dui;

5. You must enter a plea of Not Guilty at this arraignment and expect conditions of your release to be ordered by the Judge

It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as you are able, but it is important to know that many things above will happen before you are able to speak with a lawyer and some of the events above are going to happen with or without a lawyer present, and usually happen before you can consult with a lawyer. Jonathan makes himself available evening, weekends, and even his own personal vacations and scheduled court holidays. Jonathan has access to meet while a person is still in the custody of Whatcom and Skagit jails for immediate help and access.

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“Jonathan, thank you for bringing the best possible outcome today in my case. It was a humbling and very sobering experience and I am mindful everyday of my personal responsibility and actions and those around me. My career has taken off and I’m glad to have this chapter behind me and will move onward past probation!”
A DUI Client